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Having first learned about Johannes Itten’s Seasonal Color Theory at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, it soon became my lifelong passion, beginning with writing books, conducting national color seminars and promotions for Karastan, JP Stevens and others in the early 1970s. I also taught Seasonal Color for many years in New York and California colleges. Classes were continually sold out and as an educator the positive response led me to writing and self-publishing the first definitive book on this fascinating concept, titled “Color and You.”

Shortly after, a major publishing house (Simon & Schuster) took over selling millions of copies, more than 19 printings. Paramount Studios produced my Color and You video inspiring me to develop the first color analysis questionnaire. Other books and questionnaires followed on Style and Design, along with Revelli-licensed accessories, cosmetics, eyewear, scarves, all labeled by my seasonal concept. There is a lot more to my life-passion, which I won’t bore you with that now…maybe in my future blog.  Stay tuned.


Clare Revelli


Sophia Revelli

As a native San Franciscan, Revelli Design continues to be based in the Bay Area. My daughter, Sophia, joined me in 2012. Not only is she my offspring, but Sophia is a Spring too—warm.  And her mother is a cool Winter.

We hope you enjoy the journey and newfound colors….a gift of self-discovery that will last a lifetime.


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